How is the quality of Foshan Songxia solid polycarbonate sheets

Recently, many friends who plan to purchase solid polycarbonate sheets are consulting “How is the quality of Songxia polycarbonate sheet”? “Wholesale price of Foshan Songxia building polycarbonate sheet is good” “Where is Foshan polycarbonate sheet wholesale?” “Foshan polycarbonate sheet manufacturer phone” Waiting for the problem of solid polycarbonate sheets or Songxia polycarbonate sheet, today’s polycarbonate sheet manufacturer – Songxia Building Materials editor has compiled some knowledge about Songxia polycarbonate sheet to help you understand the need to understand Songxia building materials solid polycarbonate sheets friend.

First: The quality of raw material of Songxia polycarbonate sheet

The supplier of solid polycarbonate sheets raw materials produced by Songxia Building Materials comes from international strength polycarbonate manufacturers such as Bayer, LG Chem, Saudi Basic Industries, etc. The solid polycarbonate sheets made of imported polycarbonate raw materials and the PC sun board have better quality guarantee, such as the transmittance of the polycarbonate sheet, the toughness of the sheet, the impact resistance and the service life of the polycarbonate sheet.

In the process of use, it is mainly reflected in the sound insulation effect of the polycarbonate sheet, which is several times that of ordinary glass or tempered glass, and can also adapt to the harsh weather environment, such as greenhouse greenhouses in the cold northern regions, cherry rain shelters, southern coastal areas. Fruit and vegetable planting sheds in the typhoon area, flower sun room and home balcony canopy.

Second: The strength of Songxia polycarbonate sheet production

The quality of the polycarbonate sheet is not good. In addition to the raw material is a reason, the level of production and processing technology of the polycarbonate sheet manufacturer is also an important factor. For example, Songxia Building Materials has been operating in the field of polycarbonate sheets for 18 years, and it is also in the PC sheet industry in South China. Songxia Building Materials Factory adopts imported equipment and instruments. It has 8 independent PC board processing production lines. In the 10 years, there are dozens of technicians in the PC sheet industry. Now the annual output of Songxia Building Materials Factory can reach 50,000 tons.

Third: Songxia polycarbonate sheet service quality

In addition to the quality of the products, the service of the choice of Songxia polycarbonate sheet can also stand the test. Songxia Building Materials can also provide customers with customized drawings and provide one-to-one professional polycarbonate sheet design and installation solutions.

In addition, Songxia Building Materials provides a 10-year warranty on the solid polycarbonate sheets produced. If the quality of the polycarbonate sheet is found after purchasing the customer inspection, Songxia Building Materials can be returned unconditionally, and if it is damaged, it can be reissued free of charge.

In summary, the quality of the polycarbonate sheet of Songxia Building Materials is believed to be understandable. Songxia solid polycarbonate sheets in PC sheet raw materials, processing technology and thoughtful pre-sales and after-sales service are the reasons for most of the old customers to choose Songxia polycarbonate sheet.