Translucent Building Elements: Polycarbonate Multi-layer Boards for Exterior Decoration

Translucent Building Elements

Name Translucent Building Elements or Curtain Wall System 
Thickness 20mm-60mm
Length Customized
Material  100% Virgin polycartonate material
Use Facades, roofs, window and shed glazings, partition walls, rain screens and roof lights
Applications Sports, Industrial, Educational and Residential
Characteristics High impact thermoplastic, translucent, ball-impact resistant, light-weight, high temperature resistance, anti-glare daylight, UV protection
Temperature resistant -40°to +115°
Guarantee 10-year warranty

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Product Description

Polycarbonate building elements are renowned for their durability and resilience against impacts and harsh weather conditions. Crafted from translucent polycarbonate material, they offer exceptional strength and longevity, making them a preferred choice for various construction projects. With thicknesses ranging from 10 mm to 60 mm and a multi-layer structure, these elements provide excellent insulation, helping regulate indoor temperatures and reduce energy consumption. The tongue and groove connection system simplifies assembly, ensuring a secure fit and reducing construction time and labor costs. Moreover, incorporating colored elements can add a unique touch to your building project, allowing for creative customization and visual appeal. Whether for roofing, facades, or skylights, polycarbonate building elements offer a winning combination of durability, insulation, ease of installation, and design versatility, making them ideal for both residential and commercial applications.

Product Specification

Board type Standard width
Standard thickness
UV Coating Heat transfer coefficient
Weighted sound insulation
Impact resistance
Rice-shaped structure 500 30 50       52 Red
40       49
4-layer structure 800 20 50       15
(For Milky white diffusion plate)
30       12
(For Milky white diffusion plate)
7-layer structure 500 30 50       52
40       49
50       45
Rice-shaped 8-layer structure 800 40 50 ≤3.5 19 77.8(P) 50
50 48
60 46

Product Advantages

  1. Beautiful: The integral structure does not require the use of screws and sealants, which can solve the most difficult problem of sealing and leakage in traditional structures, making the entire facade system more beautiful;
  2. Quick installation: Patented plug-in structure makes installation very simple and fast;
  3. First-class thermal insulation performance;
  4. It can effectively reduce the cost of steel structure.

Product Application

  1. 1. Traditional curtain walls; renovation projects of curtain walls of old buildings
  2. Commercial building wall hangar door
  3. The door head is decorated with indoor partition screens and partitions.
  4. High side windows on the facade lighting wall