Solid Polycarbonate Roof Sheet: A Premium Solution for Durable and Transparent Roofing
Twin-Wall Polycarbonate Sheet: A Premium Twin-Walled Solution for Versatile Applications
Corrugated Polycarbonate Sheet: A Durable and Resilient Roofing Solution

Twin Wall Polycarbonate Sheet/ Double Walls Polycarbonate Sheet

  • Lightweight and easy to install and operate.
  • 80% light transmission and light diffusion.
  • Provides insulation and energy savings.
  • Durable and safe.

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Product Details

Name Twin walls Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet
Raw material 100% bayer material or sabic material or customized
Color Transparent, milky white, lake blue, grass green, brown or customized
Certificate ISO9001、SGS、Test Report
Thickness 4-12mm or Customized
Width 1.22m、1.56m、1.82m、2.10m, The maximum width can be made 2.1 m special width, large quantity can be customized
length 2.44m or custom-made,  the flat plate is: 1.22m*2.44m
Warranty 10-Year
Surface UV protection, Anti-fog,Anti-static,hardening,fire retandant,etc.
Samples Free samples will send you for test
Application Riot shields, Submarine covers, Tunnel protection, Noise barriers, special machinery covers, Greenhouses, Carports, Skylights
Type Twin walls Polycarbonate Sheet
Multi-walls Polycarbonate Sheet
Honeycomb Polycarbonate Sheet
Light Transmission Depending on the color, the transmittance can be up to 0-89%.
Energy saving Low heat transfer coefficient (K value), good thermal insulation, energy saving is 1.5-1.7 times of the same thickness of glass.
Light The weight is 1/15 of the same thickness of glass.
Impact Strength Good toughness, not easy to be damaged in transportation, installation and use;Its impact strength is 250 times that of glass and 30 times that of plexiglass.
Resistance to aging The surface of the product contains a UV-resistant coextruded layer, outdoor weather resistance is good, long-term use still maintain good optical properties and mechanical properties
Resistance to wind pressure Wind pressure performance up to the national standard GB/T 7106-2008 level 1.
Large temperature difference Long-term use temperature: -40c to 120C.
Effect of Soundproof Polycarbonate with hollow structure has good sound insulation and can effectively reduce noise.
Flame retardant According to the national standard gb8624-2012 is class B1 flammable.
Easy to install The minimum bending radius is 175 times the thickness of the plate.
Features Unit Date
Specific Gravity g/cm² 1.2
LightTransmission % 0~88
lmpactStrength J/m 850
The Bending Strength N/mm² 100
Tensile Strength N/mm² >=60
Modulus of Elasticity M pa 2400
Tensile Stressat Break M pa >=65
Elongation at Break % >100
Specific Heat KJ/KG·K 1.17
Heat Conductivity W/m²·K 0.2
Heat Deflection Temperature °C 140
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion mm/m·°C 0.067
Range of Temperature °C -40~+120
Effect of Soundproof 10mm PC sheet Attenuation 33 DB

Twin walls polycarbonate sheet is an innovative building material that is highly favored for its lightweight, high strength, and excellent insulation properties. Made with high-quality imported materials such as Makrolon, Sabic, and Lexan, this sheet not only exhibits superior physical performance but also features a high concentration of UV co-extrusion layer to protect it from UV damage and prolong its lifespan. Double walls polycarbonate sheet finds extensive applications in municipal construction, home decoration, and commercial sectors, as its strong impact resistance, aging resistance, and UV protection characteristics are highly valued by users. Moreover, this sheet is environmentally friendly, aesthetically pleasing, and convenient to process, making it an ideal choice for numerous projects.

The lightweight and high-strength properties of the twin walls polycarbonate sheet make it stand out compared to traditional building materials such as glass and metal. It is lighter in weight, making it easy to transport and install, yet it possesses excellent strength and durability to withstand various external impacts and pressures, ensuring the stability and safety of the building structure.

The insulation capabilities of the twin walls polycarbonate sheet are remarkable. Its double walls structure effectively reduces heat conduction. In cold winters, the sheet efficiently retains indoor heat, creating a warm and comfortable indoor environment. In summer, it blocks external high temperatures, saving energy and providing a cool indoor atmosphere.

The impact resistance of the twin walls polycarbonate sheet is exceptional. It has outstanding resistance against impacts and can effectively withstand external collisions, providing additional safety protection for buildings. Whether facing adverse weather conditions or projects that require high wind pressure resistance, the double wall polycarbonate sheet is an ideal choice.

With a high concentration of UV co-extrusion layer, the twin walls polycarbonate sheet offers excellent UV protection, completely blocking UV rays and effectively extending its service life. This ensures that the sheet maintains its superior performance and appearance even in outdoor environments, without yellowing or becoming brittle.

The twin walls polycarbonate sheet is environmentally friendly, being made of high-quality polycarbonate material that is free from harmful substances and meets environmental requirements. It is recyclable, reducing the consumption of natural resources and further minimizing environmental impact.

In terms of appearance, the twin walls polycarbonate sheet can meet various architectural and decorative needs. It has high transparency, providing bright natural lighting effects, and can be processed according to project requirements to meet personalized design requirements.

Overall, the Songxia twin walls polycarbonate sheet is widely used in municipal construction, home decoration, and commercial applications due to its advantages in lightweight, high strength, insulation, impact resistance, UV protection, environmental friendliness, and aesthetic appeal. Its outstanding performance and versatile characteristics make it an indispensable material in the construction industry. Whether it’s protecting the safety of building structures, enhancing indoor comfort, or pursuing environmental friendliness and aesthetics, the double wall polycarbonate sheet can meet your needs.

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6.impact resistance, bendable, high transmittance, difficult to burn, light-weight, nice sound insulation, anti-drip, anti-ultraviolet light, energy saving, environmental protection, etc.