Songxia Embossed Polycarbonate Sheets

Premium Embossed Polycarbonate Sheets

  • Lightweight and easy to install and operate.
  • 80% light transmission and light diffusion.
  • Provides insulation and energy savings.
  • Durable and safe.

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Product Details

NameEmbossed Polycarbonate Sheet
Raw material100% bayer material or sabic material or customized
ColorClear、 lake blue、 grass green、 tan、 orange、 black or customized or customized
CertificateISO9001、SGS、Test Report
Thickness2-10mm or Customized
Width2.10m or customized
length2.44m or custom-made,  the flat plate is: 1.22m*2.44m
SurfaceUV protection, Anti-fog,Anti-static,hardening,fire retandant,etc.
SamplesFree samples will send you for test
ApplicationSuitable for all kinds of ceiling decoration, skylight lighting, bathroom partition, advertising lighting and other applications
WidthCoefficient of linear exparsion(℃-1)Combustion performanceLong Service temperatureLight transmttance decreases within 1oyearsYelowing index within 10 years
21006.5*10-5B1-s2.d0,t1-40℃~120℃ 10
ThicknessMaxdmum transmittanceweight(kg/m2 )Mlinimum Bending RadiusCoefficient of heat transfer KSound insulation
According to the
request and the
actual demand
carries on the choice


Light TransmissionDepending on the color, the transmittance can be up to 0-89%.
Energy savingLow heat transfer coefficient (K value), good thermal insulation, energy saving is 1.5-1.7 times of the same thickness of glass.
LightThe weight is 1/15 of the same thickness of glass.
Impact StrengthGood toughness, not easy to be damaged in transportation, installation and use;Its impact strength is 250 times that of glass and 30 times that of plexiglass.
Resistance to agingThe surface of the product contains a UV-resistant coextruded layer, outdoor weather resistance is good, long-term use still maintain good optical properties and mechanical properties
Resistance to wind pressureWind pressure performance up to the national standard GB/T 7106-2008 level 1.
Large temperature differenceLong-term use temperature: -40c to 120C.
Effect of SoundproofPolycarbonate with hollow structure has good sound insulation and can effectively reduce noise.
Flame retardantAccording to the national standard gb8624-2012 is class B1 flammable.
Easy to installThe minimum bending radius is 175 times the thickness of the plate.
Specific Gravityg/cm²1.2
The Bending StrengthN/mm²100
Tensile StrengthN/mm²>=60
Modulus of ElasticityM pa2400
Tensile Stressat BreakM pa>=65
Elongation at Break%>100
Specific HeatKJ/KG·K1.17
Heat ConductivityW/m²·K0.2
Heat Deflection Temperature°C140
Coefficient of Thermal Expansionmm/m·°C0.067
Range of Temperature°C-40~+120
Effect of Soundproof10mm PC sheetAttenuation 33 DB

Embossed polycarbonate sheets are a branch product of solid polycarbonate sheets. They are manufactured using co-extrusion technology, which integrates the pattern design with the polycarbonate base material, resulting in solid sheets with embossed patterns. These sheets provide unique aesthetic effects for various decorative applications. This article will introduce the characteristics, advantages, and extensive application areas of embossed polycarbonate sheets.

  1. 1.Unique Patterns and Aesthetic Effects:

Embossed polycarbonate sheets feature distinctive pattern designs that create a soft and uniform diffusion of light, reducing glare and light pollution. This creates a comfortable lighting environment indoors and provides a pleasant visual experience.

  1. 2.Versatile Applications:
  • Ceiling Decor: The appealing and stylish patterns of embossed polycarbonate sheets make them suitable for ceiling decoration in commercial, office, and residential spaces, enhancing the overall aesthetics and ambiance.
  • Skylight Glazing: Embossed polycarbonate sheets effectively diffuse sunlight, creating soft and even light distribution. They are ideal for skylight glazing systems, providing comfortable natural lighting.
  • Bathroom Partition: With their water and moisture resistance, embossed polycarbonate sheets are suitable for use as partition wall materials in bathrooms, offering both visual appeal and durability.
  • Advertising Illumination: The surface patterns of embossed polycarbonate sheets can enhance the lighting effect of advertisements, ensuring uniform light distribution and enhancing visual attraction and impact.
  1. 3.Product Advantages:
  • High Durability: The integration of a UV protective layer with the polycarbonate base material through co-extrusion technology ensures exceptional durability, UV resistance, scratch resistance, and long-lasting appearance quality.
  • Strong Elastic Deformation Capability: Even when installed on structures with larger spacing, embossed polycarbonate sheets can withstand significant wind loads, demonstrating excellent structural stability.
  • Strict Production Standards: Our embossed polycarbonate sheets are produced in strict accordance with national standards to ensure the highest quality and performance.
  • Customized Solutions: We offer tailor-made embossed polycarbonate sheets and specialized design and installation solutions to meet the personalized requirements of our customers.

Songxia embossed polycarbonate sheets, with their unique patterns and aesthetic effects, as well as their wide range of applications in ceiling decoration, skylight glazing, bathroom partitioning, and advertising illumination, have become a favored architectural decorative material. Songxia’s embossed polycarbonate sheet products excel in durability, elastic deformation capability, and production standards. Additionally, we provide customized solutions to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Whether it’s for commercial, office, or residential spaces, our embossed polycarbonate sheets add a unique sense of beauty and practicality to your building projects.

1.High Quality: with advanced producing equipment and strong QC team.

2.High Supply Ability: with 8 producing lines and output of 50,000 tons per year.

3.Rich Experience: with more than 20 years experience.

4.Nice Service: quick reply and warm service to meet your needs.

5.Quality Assurance: 5-10 years.

6.impact resistance, bendable, high transmittance, difficult to burn, light-weight, nice sound insulation, anti-drip, anti-ultraviolet light, energy saving, environmental protection, etc.