Multi-Wall Polycarbonate Sheet: A Versatile and Durable Solution for Your Projects

Multi-Wall Polycarbonate Sheets for Performance

  • Lightweight and easy to install and operate.
  • 80% light transmission and light diffusion.
  • Provides insulation and energy savings.
  • Durable and safe.

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Product Details

NameMulti walls Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet
Raw material100% bayer material or sabic material or customized
ColorTransparent, milky white, lake blue, grass green, brown or customized
CertificateISO9001、SGS、Test Report
Thickness6-20mm or Customized
Width1.22m、1.56m、1.82m、2.10m, The maximum width can be made 2.1 m special width, large quantity can be customized
length2.44m or custom-made,  the flat plate is: 1.22m*2.44m
SurfaceUV protection, Anti-fog,Anti-static,hardening,fire retandant,etc.
SamplesFree samples will send you for test
ApplicationRiot shields, Submarine covers, Tunnel protection, Noise barriers, special machinery covers, Greenhouses, Carports, Skylights
TypeTwin walls Polycarbonate Sheet
Multi-walls Polycarbonate Sheet
Honeycomb Polycarbonate Sheet
Light TransmissionDepending on the color, the transmittance can be up to 0-89%.
Energy savingLow heat transfer coefficient (K value), good thermal insulation, energy saving is 1.5-1.7 times of the same thickness of glass.
LightThe weight is 1/15 of the same thickness of glass.
Impact StrengthGood toughness, not easy to be damaged in transportation, installation and use;Its impact strength is 250 times that of glass and 30 times that of plexiglass.
Resistance to agingThe surface of the product contains a UV-resistant coextruded layer, outdoor weather resistance is good, long-term use still maintain good optical properties and mechanical properties
Resistance to wind pressureWind pressure performance up to the national standard GB/T 7106-2008 level 1.
Large temperature differenceLong-term use temperature: -40c to 120C.
Effect of SoundproofPolycarbonate with hollow structure has good sound insulation and can effectively reduce noise.
Flame retardantAccording to the national standard gb8624-2012 is class B1 flammable.
Easy to installThe minimum bending radius is 175 times the thickness of the plate.
Specific Gravityg/cm²1.2
The Bending StrengthN/mm²100
Tensile StrengthN/mm²>=60
Modulus of ElasticityM pa2400
Tensile Stressat BreakM pa>=65
Elongation at Break%>100
Specific HeatKJ/KG·K1.17
Heat ConductivityW/m²·K0.2
Heat Deflection Temperature°C140
Coefficient of Thermal Expansionmm/m·°C0.067
Range of Temperature°C-40~+120
Effect of Soundproof10mm PC sheetAttenuation 33 DB

Multi-wall polycarbonate sheet is an excellent building material that shares many similarities with the double-layer polycarbonate sheet, while offering some differences in terms of insulation performance and number of layers. The design concept of the multi-layer polycarbonate sheet aims to provide enhanced insulation capabilities and a wider range of options to meet the specific insulation and thickness requirements of different projects. Below, we will focus on introducing the features and applications of the multi-layer polycarbonate sheet.

Compared to the twin walls polycarbonate sheet, the multi-layer polycarbonate sheet demonstrates superior insulation performance. The multi-layer structure creates air pockets within the sheet, effectively isolating the conduction of external temperatures. This unique design provides higher thermal resistance, ensuring a warm indoor environment in winter and a cool one in summer. Whether in cold winters or hot summers, the multi-layer polycarbonate sheet can create a comfortable and pleasant indoor atmosphere.

Thickness is another distinguishing factor between the multi-wall polycarbonate sheet and the twin walls polycarbonate sheet. The thickness of the multi-layer polycarbonate sheet can be adjusted according to project requirements, offering more flexibility and options. Thicker sheets can provide increased strength and stability for specific architectural structures or engineering needs.

The multi-wall polycarbonate sheet is manufactured using high-quality imported materials such as Makrolon, Sabic, and Lexan, ensuring reliable quality and excellent properties. It exhibits outstanding impact resistance, weathering resistance, and UV protection, providing additional protection for buildings. The multi-layer structure further enhances its durability and stability, enabling it to withstand challenging environmental conditions and external impacts.

The applications of the multi-wall polycarbonate sheet are diverse and extensive, including municipal construction, home decoration, and commercial sectors. Its exceptional insulation performance makes it particularly suitable for projects in cold regions or those with high insulation requirements, such as cold storage facilities, insulated houses, and cold chain logistics centers. Moreover, the adjustable thickness of the multi-layer polycarbonate sheet makes it ideal for applications in greenhouses, livestock farming shelters, and flower cultivation, providing an ideal covering material for agriculture. In commercial settings, the multi-layer polycarbonate sheet is commonly used for building exteriors, skylights, canopies, and carports, adding aesthetic, functional, and environmentally friendly elements to the architecture.

Furthermore, the multi-wall polycarbonate sheet can be customized and processed according to project requirements to meet specific design and creative needs. It can be flexibly applied to structures of different shapes and sizes, achieving personalized architectural appearances and functional requirements.

In summary, the combination of outstanding insulation performance and the multi-wall structure makes the Songxia multi-wall polycarbonate sheet an ideal choice for the construction industry. Its excellent impact resistance, weathering resistance, and UV protection ensure the durability and stability of buildings. Whether for projects with high insulation requirements or for places that demand attractive architectural appearances and environmental aesthetics, the multi-wall polycarbonate sheet can meet a wide range of needs.

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