How much is the price of Solid Polycarbonate sheets

Recently, Polycarbonate solid sheet manufacturers – wheat grain building materials editor often heard friends ask “Polycarbonate solid sheet price is generally how much money a square” “3mm Polycarbonate sheet how much money a square” “Polycarbonate solid sheet how much money a kilo” and so on The problem of the price of Polycarbonate solid sheet. Today, Foshan Songxia New Material Technology Co., Ltd will introduce to you how the price of the Polycarbonate solid sheet is calculated. Why the price of the products of different Polycarbonate sheet price manufacturers is different.


“How much is the price of Polycarbonate solid sheet?” You only need to consult the endurance board manufacturer. More importantly, if you want to know whether the budget for selecting the Polycarbonate solid sheet is overrun, then you must first understand that the price of the endurance board of most manufacturers is How to calculate.

About how to calculate the price of Polycarbonate solid sheet, wheat grain building materials provide you with a reference price calculation formula for Polycarbonate solid sheet, that is, Polycarbonate solid sheet price = total area * unit price = endurance board width (m) * endurance board length (m ) * quantity (sheet) * unit price (yuan / m2)

For example, you need to buy a Polycarbonate solid sheet with a thickness of 5mm, 2.1m width, and 6m length. Assuming that the price of the Polycarbonate solid sheet manufacturer is 40 yuan/m2, you need a total of 100 Polycarbonate sheet.

The process of calculating the price of the Polycarbonate solid sheet is like this. You first calculate the price of a sheet of endurance = 2.1m * 6m * 1 piece * 40 yuan / m2 = 504 yuan / piece, then calculate the total price of 100 sheets of endurance board = 2.1m*6m*100 sheets*50 yuan/m2=50400 yuan.

In addition, some netizens will ask “Why have you asked several Polycarbonate solid sheet manufacturers, the quotations are different?” As for the problem of the price of this endurance board manufacturer, the grain building materials editor suggested that before purchasing the Polycarbonate solid sheet, First understand the Polycarbonate solid sheet where you want to use, different usage scenarios will have different thickness requirements, endurance board specifications are many, but it is more secure to ask a few more comparisons, shop around to know which is better Which is bad.

The thickness is not the same, the price is not the same, from a dozen dollars to tens of dollars per flat, like the polycarbonate sheet canopy manufacturers 30-50 yuan per square meter, there are greenhouse greenhouse polycarbonate sheet manufacturers offer 70 yuan per About square meters. There are also people going to the local building materials market, depending on the grade and quality, the price ranges from 30-300, the specific price may vary according to the situation in different places. The main difference between the price is the cost of raw materials, and the raw materials directly affect the service life of the endurance board.