How should the Polycarbonate sheets be Installed?

With the advantages of high transmittance, strong impact resistance, sound insulation and noise reduction, and flame retardant insulation of Polycarbonate sheetssPolycarbonate sheetss have become a common material in the building decoration industry. However, in order for the Polycarbonate sheets to perform its function of impact resistance and thermal insulation, it requires correct installation and sealing treatment. Today, Songxia Building Materials editor has compiled the Polycarbonate sheets installation method and sealing problem solution for everyone, hoping to help everyone.


First, what is the Polycarbonate sheets

The Polycarbonate sheets is machined from high performance engineering plastic polycarbonate or polycarbonate. Features: impact resistance, unbreakable strength more than tens of times of tempered glass, acrylic sheet, tough, safe, anti-theft, anti-ballistic effect. It can be arched and bendable: It has good processability, strong plasticity, and can be bent into arches and semi-circles according to the actual needs of the site.

Second, Polycarbonate sheets installation method and process

1. When installing the Polycarbonate sheets, it must be treated with the guide hole before it can be better fixed. Moreover, the aperture made on the Polycarbonate sheets must be larger than six to nine millimeters, so as to prevent heat expansion and contraction that may occur in the future.

2. When the Polycarbonate sheets is longitudinally overlapped with the steel plate, the Polycarbonate sheets must have a stack of about two hundred millimeters between them. Not only that, but also two waterstops must be placed on this basis. Prevent PC liners from leaking in future use.

3. When fixing the Polycarbonate sheets, don’t forget to add the excellent performance washer between the screw and the Polycarbonate sheets to seal and protect the dust. However, it should be noted that when the flooding gasket is placed inside the screw, it must be locked into the stringer with an electric drill and fixed completely.

4. In the process of installing the Polycarbonate sheets, it is necessary to prevent a small anti-slip template in its lateral position, so that the feet of the installer can be stepped on it to play a certain role, and at the same time, the Polycarbonate sheets can be avoided. Therefore, deformation and cracking occur.

Third, the solution to the problem of Polycarbonate sheets sealing

The Polycarbonate sheets is equipped with a dry assembly method or a wet assembly method. The installation method is divided into horizontal, vertical and inclined. The most important thing in the Polycarbonate sheets installation project is its edge fastening problem.

When installing a Polycarbonate sheets, an effective space must be left in the connecting profile or in the bezel of the bezel so that the panel is subject to expansion and load displacement. The user must calculate the data of the Polycarbonate sheets gap according to the temperature difference of the four seasons according to the location of the project, so as to adjust the gap size reasonably.

At least one arrow rib must be included in the portion where the PC endurance plate is clamped, or the portion to be engaged at the edge of the plate is at least 20 mm. In general, the total depth of the slot formed by the profile shall include a 20 mm mesh plus clearances reserved for thermal expansion and deformation due to load.

Regarding the sealing technology of Polycarbonate sheets, it is required that the edge of the board is smooth and compressed air without any impurities; the adhesive material of the sealing material used should not damage the Polycarbonate sheets; the sealing tape should have good weather resistance and for a long time. Do not lose the viscosity and mechanical strength; do not sand or clean the Polycarbonate sheets with a strong alkali before sealing to avoid the occurrence of napping.

In order to ensure the stability and sealing of the Polycarbonate sheets, special anti-leakage upper and lower sets of fasteners or special flat beading must be used; if other products are used, it is also necessary to ensure that the material of the strip is EPDM rubber or butyl rubber. So as not to cause damage to the Polycarbonate sheets.