How to distinguish the quality of polycarbonate sheets simply

Unlike other building materials, the quality of polycarbonate hollow sheet and polycarbonate solid sheet involves a very important point of “warranty period”. Of course, some other products will also have a three-year warranty and a one-year warranty. Although they are all manufacturers or manufacturers guarantee the quality of the products, the warranty period of polycarbonate sheet is obviously longer, usually five years, ten years, or even The manufacturer advertises a fifteen-year warranty. Among them, two very important issues are in front of us. Will some manufacturers be shoddy? How do we distinguish the quality of a batch of PC sheet products?


How to easily identify the quality of polycarbonate sheet?

As a consumer, if we don’t have enough conditions to conduct very professional polycarbonate sheet testing, will we have a better way to judge the quality and warranty period of the board? Here, Xinhai Sunshine Board is for you. Provide a few simple methods of identification.

First of all, if it is a transparent polycarbonate sheet, we can observe the transparency of the board. Under normal circumstances, the PC sheet of the 10-year warranty can achieve a transmittance of about 90%, and the solar panel is about 80%, if the board has low transmittance. It means that the polycarbonate pellets used in the sheet are of poor quality and the quality guarantee period will naturally be reduced.

Secondly, we can carefully observe whether the polycarbonate sheet has impurities. The polycarbonate raw materials used for the sheets containing impurities are mixed with different degrees of recycled old materials. The color of the PC sheet produced by this raw material will be different. The polycarbonate hollow sheet is also not pure enough in color. Under normal circumstances, the PC sheets produced from recycled materials are difficult to use for more than ten years. After several years of exposure to sunlight, there will be breakage.

Third, the warranty period of transparent PC sheet, in addition to the use of the most important raw materials, there is another factor “UV coating”; its main function is to prevent ultraviolet rays from destroying the composition of polycarbonate, thereby avoiding PC sheet appears yellow and aging. How do you determine if a UV layer is added to the surface of a PC sheet? You can illuminate the UV-coated side with strong light, and the sideline portion will show less noticeable blue, while the UV-free sheet will not change.

The fourth point, look at the weight, generally good PC sheet, relatively speaking, because of the tightness of the raw materials, the quality is heavier, the pinch is harder, and vice versa, the texture is softer and the quality is lighter.

In general, starting from these four points, you can easily determine whether the quality of the polycarbonate sheet meets your purchase criteria.