Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheet: An Innovative Solution for Greenhouse Roof

Unlike other glazing materials, multiwall polycarbonate sheets are virtually unbreakable and provide up to 60% more thermal insulation than glass. Its impressive lightness, durability, and strength make it the ideal material, especially for outdoor applications such as greenhouses.

Multiwall polycarbonate sheet is the most versatile structured thermoplastic available today. Its protective coating ensures maximum stability against the harsh effects of the sun’s rays, its condensation control prevents the formation of water droplets that can cause disease and plant deterioration, and its multiwall design ensures a stable surface outdoors.

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Advantages of using multiwall polycarbonate sheets in Greenhouses

  • Impact resistance

Multiwall polycarbonate sheets are characterized by excellent performance against various types of impact in a wide range of temperatures, from -40oC to 120oC, and also to withstand prolonged exposure to weathering.

  • UV resistance

The sun-protected surface provides superior weather resistance, which helps to prevent discoloration of sensitive materials such as fabrics or other organic materials located under the film, such as various plants in greenhouses. This is possible because the multiwall sheets feature a patented two-sided surface treatment designed to withstand the degrading effects of ultraviolet radiation from natural sunlight outdoors.

  • Fire test performance

According to laboratory tests, multiwall sheets offer exceptionally good fire resistance and good thermal stability. The authorized distributor of the material can provide more detailed information.

  • Thermal insulation

The multiwall structure of this type of sheet provides significant advantages in greenhouses due to its thermal insulation capacity. Its hollow structure provides excellent insulation characteristics with significantly lower heat losses than single-wall sheets.

  • Sound insulation

A material’s sound insulation capacity is largely predetermined by its stiffness, mass, and physical construction. According to tests carried out in various laboratories, multiwall sheets can provide good insulation with a maximum sound insulation level of 24 dB, which is considerably high.


Create an optimal environment for the growth of your crops

Choose multiwall polycarbonate sheets for your greenhouses and get superior thermal insulation, thanks to its hollow core structure with central ribbed channels throughout the entire length. This hollow core can provide thermal insulation by allowing air to pass through, thus reducing heat transmission.

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