Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets: Best Polycarbonate Option for Carports & Sheds




Are you planning to install or renovate your carport or a shed roof, and are you considering polycarbonate panels? If you have already researched online, you will know that there are different types of this thermoplastic sheet in trend: solid, hollow, embossed, and frosted polycarbonate sheet, each of which type has a utility according to the different construction projects.

Stay with us and discover which polycarbonate sheets you should use if you consider installing or renovating your carport or shed.

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1. What type of polycarbonate panel is recommended for carports or  a shed roof?


Suppose you are considering installing a new carport or shed using polycarbonate sheets to protect your car from the elements and create a space that looks good and is also functional. In that case, the option to consider is the hollow polycarbonate sheet.

This type of panel comes in two presentations:

They are characterized by being lightweight, without affecting their strength and durability (15-20 years), and come in a variety of colors, designs, and styles, so you can find the one that best suits the aesthetics of your home.


2. How can I recognize multiwall and twinwall polycarbonate sheets?


You can easily recognize a twinwall or a multiwall polycarbonate sheet as they have a particular structure consisting of outer layers (top and bottom) and multiple interconnected rectangular chambers inside, which are hollow.

The difference between the two options is that twinwall polycarbonate sheets only have two layers, top and bottom. At the same time, multiwalls can include 3 to 7 layers with a grid structure and other beehive-style layers.

Extra tip: The hollow polycarbonate sheets come in different thicknesses; you can find them in presentations from 4mm to 32 mm, depending on their destination.


3. Why are hollow polycarbonate sheets ideal for carports and sheds?


When you decide to build or renovate your carport or shed roof, you are looking for an option that ensures optimal protection of your cars, items, or other stored materials from possible damage caused by dust and moisture.

In the case of carports, you need an option that prevents you from having to spend money renewing your car’s paint when it cracks, fades, or peels due to excessive exposure to UV rays and rain.

If you live in areas with low temperatures, you know that ice also affects the paint and hardens your vehicle’s seats, in addition to the damage caused by bird dropping, which is a nuisance to clean.


How do these sheets prevent damage?


Multiwall and twinwalls polycarbanate sheets are high-performance sheets which act as a heat shield and optimally block the transmission of UV rays so that your vehicle and materials covered or stored in your carport or shed are safely exposed to the sun and are not affected by the outside temperature.

Extra tip: the material has exceptional fire resistance, does not deform with temperature, and does not emit toxic gases.

In addition, they have excellent resistance to the passage of time and strong impacts caused by hail, storms, or blunt objects since they do not crack, scratch, or break (200 times more resistant than glass and ten times more resistant than other plastics).

In addition, they have a condensation control that allows rainwater to slide off and not accumulate in drops on the surface, avoiding leaks.

The best thing is that the hollow polycarbonate sheet, by its translucent appearance, allows a light diffusion of up to 82%, ideal for your sheds so that you can take advantage of natural light inside.

In addition, these sheets are lightweight, easy to install, and, because of their glass-like appearance, give an elegant finish that harmonizes with different styles of exterior decoration.


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