New changes in the production line in 2021

By the end of 2021, Songxia New Material Technology Co., Ltd. invested in the addition of four efficient production lines, primarily for the production of solid polycarbonate sheets. This investment has resulted in increased efficiency and higher quality of our product output. With advanced production line technology and exceptional manufacturing capabilities, we have gained a significant competitive advantage in the industry of solid polycarbonate sheets. Here are several key advantages of our production lines:

  1. 1.High production capacity: Through automated control, we have achieved high output and efficiency in our production process. This enables us to meet large-scale order requirements and ensure timely delivery to our customers.
  1. 2.Quality assurance: We maintain consistency and stability in our products by carefully selecting raw materials and closely monitoring the production process.
  1. 3.Flexible production capabilities: Our production lines are highly adaptable, allowing us to customize production according to specific customer requirements. We can provide polycarbonate sheets in different sizes, colors, and textures to meet various application needs.

We are committed to continuously improving our production line technology to maintain our position as an industry leader and provide our customers with excellent products and satisfactory solutions.