Polycarbonate sheets installation needs attention to the spacing problem

The durability of the Polycarbonate sheets, such as impact resistance, light flame retardancy, weathering and heat insulation, high light transmittance and good sound insulation, make it popular in the building materials market. Then, Polycarbonate sheets in the installation process, there is a place that needs special attention, that is, the problem of the spacing of the skeleton, today Guangdong Polycarbonate sheets manufacturers – Songxia building materials Xiaobian for everyone to sort out the precautions of the endurance board installation spacing.


When building a Polycarbonate sheets building, it puts certain requirements on the spacing of the purlins that are set, generally not more than 80 cm, so as to ensure the snow load bearing capacity of the basic requirements of the endurance board and avoid collapse. In the actual application process, the specific interval is also related to the width of the endurance board.

If the width of the endurance board is 2.1 meters, it is necessary to set a support in the middle of it, so it is 1.05 meters to weld a raft. The edge of the endurance board can all be placed on the square tube, and a small amount of expansion space is reserved in the middle, and the aluminum bead is pressed, and the bead is fixed on the bead.

If the spacing of the cymbals on the endurance board is not 1.05 meters and the width of the sun slab is 2.1 meters, it cannot be fixed with a bead. In this case, it is recommended that you use the H-type PC or the aluminum in the work to insert the endurance board, which not only saves materials, but also is more convenient and quicker. At this time, you can order the endurance board that has not been trimmed, which is very convenient for the connection with the H-type.

In addition to the determination of the distance between the purlins and the perforation of the endurance board, it must be punched to fix it with other materials. Since the strength and toughness of the endurance board are very high, once the wrong construction method is operated It is possible to crack the sheet along the nail hole, causing irreparable damage.

Well, the above is the Foshan Polycarbonate sheets manufacturer – Songxia building materials Xiaobian for everyone to organize the Polycarbonate sheets installation process skeleton spacing needs attention, hope to help friends who need to install Polycarbonate sheets, more about Polycarbonate sheets For information, please log in to the endurance board manufacturer – Songxia Building Materials website.