Decorative outdoor awning for shading and enhancing outdoor spaces


Material Aluminum profiles
Feature Outdoor shading solution, durable design, ideal for enhancement.
Application Garden,villa,shopping mall,swimming pool,shop,park
Wind resistance Resist 38-42 m/s wind up to 120 km/h
UV protection 98% UV protection
Strength grade Polycarbonate sheet is 200 times stronger than glass

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Product Details


Description About Awning

This Awning is made of transparent polycarbonate sheet, ABS brackets, and aluminum alloy installation bars. The PC panels offer excellent transparency, temperature resistance, and durability. The high-strength ABS brackets remain intact without deformation. The aluminum alloy installation bars ensure a secure and watertight installation, withstanding strong winds and storms, providing long-lasting quality protection for your windows and doors.Effectively blocking sunlight and UV rays during the summer while remaining unaffected by rain. It provides a sheltered outdoor space for you and your family throughout the year.

Function of Awning

The polycarbonate sheet thickness can be customized to better give customers different choices in different situations., robust Polypropylene brackets, and aluminum bars, our awning stands against rust, promising years of unwavering performance. 

Easy Installation

With detailed and clear instructional images, our window awning canopy saves you time and effort during the installation process. We recommend a two-person installation for added simplicity, and even joining multiple awnings becomes easy and hassle-free.

Seamless Joint Design

This awning features an upgraded assembly design with tightly sealed aluminum joints. Each joint ensures sufficient sealing, preventing water from seeping through even during heavy rain. You can enjoy the rain scenery without getting wet.

kindly reminder:

Please Measure Your Window Or Door Size Firstly. This Awning May Not Fit For Each Door And Window. Please Check Below Dimensions And Make Decisions By Yourselves. We Are Glad To Help You If You Need.