The advantages of Polycarbonate sheets as canopy

The canopy is very common in everyone’s life. The canopy can shelter from everyone, especially in modern urban apartments. The use of canopies can be seen everywhere. So, what material is better for the canopy? What are the advantages of solid polycarbonate sheet for canopy? Compared with the canopy of the polycarbonate solid sheets and the glass canopy, which one is used for a longer period of time? Today, Foshan polycarbonate solid sheets manufacturers wheat grain building materials Xiaobian for everyone to sort out the polycarbonate solid sheets to do the three advantages of the canopy.


Polycarbonate solid sheets is the advantage of rain canopy: light transmission and stability

polycarbonate solid sheets, also known as polycarbonate polycarbonate solid sheets, its light transmittance is comparable to that of glass, and the light transmittance is about 89%. In addition, polycarbonate solid sheets also has heat insulation, flame resistance, impact resistance, light weight and weather resistance, and can adapt to subzero. The indicators of various physical properties in the range of 40 degrees to 120 degrees are stable, which can adapt to the hail, rain and snow in the north, and adapt to the hot summer sun exposure and violent storms in the southern coastal areas.

Polycarbonate solid sheets is the advantage of rain canopy: practicality, safety

The impact strength of the polycarbonate solid sheets is 200-300 times that of the glass and 20 times that of the tempered glass. The polycarbonate solid sheets canopy can withstand falling objects without breaking. If glass or tempered glass is used, once the high-rise objects are dropped, it is very likely that the glass will be chopped or the tempered glass will be split, which has an impact on human safety and aesthetics. Moreover, the polycarbonate solid sheets canopy has the effect of preventing ultraviolet rays and quiet self-cleaning in terms of practicality. Even in rainy days, there will be no noisy rain and water drop, which will affect the daily life and work of people in the room.

Polycarbonate solid sheets to make a canopy advantage three: longer service life

The raw material of polycarbonate solid sheets is polycarbonate. The imported material of Bayer polycarbonate is used for wheat grain building materials. The special coating of polycarbonate solid sheets canopy can delay the aging of rain canopy, without yellowing and atomization. polycarbonate solid sheets The manufacturer provides a 10-year warranty on the silent canopy, which can actually last for 15-20 years. The canopy of the polycarbonate solid sheets material is longer than other material canopies, and the function is more powerful and rich;

In summary, the polycarbonate solid sheets is a very good material for the silent canopy, and the light transmission and impact resistance are excellent, so as to ensure sufficient rain canopy lighting, no yellowing and atomization can resist the invasion of the blizzard storm. More importantly, the polycarbonate solid sheets canopy has a longer life and better safety performance. Therefore, the polycarbonate solid sheets canopy is a good choice for everyone.