The difference between Polycarbonate Diffuser Sheet and other Polycarbonate sheet

Polycarbonate Diffuser Sheet, also known as diffusion polycarbonate sheet, through the diffusion of Polycarbonate Diffuser Sheet, the entire plate surface forms a uniform light-emitting surface without forming dark areas, no residual image is formed on the screen, making the picture more realistic, reaching The crystal clear and transparent effect. As far as the quality of the Polycarbonate Diffuser Sheet is concerned, it is closely related to the use of the diffusion particles. Generally, the less the content of the diffusion particles, the higher the transmittance and the lower the sensitivity, and vice versa. The lower the rate, the higher the fog sensitivity.


When producing Polycarbonate Diffuser Sheet, according to customer needs, balance the transmittance and fog sensitivity of Polycarbonate Diffuser Sheet, and import Polycarbonate Diffuser Sheet to achieve the desired effect, making it in LED and fluorescent lamp, advertising light box board, LED electronic display, etc. Aspects can play a better role. Since the Polycarbonate Diffuser Sheet is a diffusion layer of light passing through a PC plastic substrate, when a medium different in refractive index is encountered, multi-angle and multi-directional refraction, reflection and scattering phenomenon occur, thereby achieving a light diffusion effect.

Therefore, it can provide a uniform surface light source for the display lighting assembly. In addition to this special performance, the PC diffuser has a smooth and smooth surface, high overall visual effect, and also wear and scratch resistance. Stable UV resistance, good weather resistance, etc., more durable. In addition to the above, the difference between the PC diffuser and other polycarbonate solid sheets, polycarbonate solid sheets, and PC wave tiles is diffused. The colors of ordinary polycarbonate solid sheets, polycarbonate solid sheets, and PC wave tiles are transparent, blue, and green. PC diffuser is generally white with low transparency. It can be used to make the light soft and even. The polycarbonate hollow sheet, polycarbonate hollow sheet, PC wave tile, etc. have no such effect, and the cost of the PC diffuser board will be higher.


First, the use and maintenance of PC diffuser:

1. Before use, be sure to put the side marked with the protective film outward. The protective film cannot be removed before use because it can prevent the product from being scratched during transportation and installation. Also use a neutral sealant and carefully check that it is compatible with the sheet before use. The gel must not be acid or alkaline.

2. If you need to drill holes in the product when you use it, you need to drill a small hole first, then slowly expand to the required size, and you must pay attention to the size of the hole and the edge should not be less than four millimeters when drilling. The diameter of the hole must meet the standard, otherwise it will be affected by thermal expansion and contraction; when the TV diffusion plate is placed, it must be noted that it cannot be covered or stacked, because it will cause the device to expand and contract during thermal expansion and contraction. Very large internal stress, which causes the board to burst or crack.

3. During the process of plate transportation, the heavy objects must not be placed on the plate or the sharp objects should be used to collide with the plates. When the coils are loaded and unloaded, machinery or vehicle springboards will be used. When unloading, be sure to protect the plates. When you put it out, you must not expose it to the outdoors, and put it in a cool place. When cleaning the board, it should be carried out in a small area. The water temperature should not be too high or too low. Pay attention to wash with warm water and then wipe the surface with soft tissue. dust. When cleaning, be sure not to polish or clean with a strong alkali, and do not wipe the surface with a dry cloth or a hard brush, otherwise there will be a condition of pulling.

Second, the customization time of Polycarbonate Diffuser Sheet and other boards.

Factory direct LED diffusion board generally custom Polycarbonate Diffuser Sheet and other polycarbonate solid sheets, polycarbonate hollow sheet, PC wave tile and other plates are required to set several stages: scheduling, production period, transportation period. For example, the scheduling period: the general large-scale factory itself has order production, and the customized time is uninterrupted. If the production time is less than 1000 square meters, the production period is basically one day, and the Polycarbonate Diffuser Sheet is ordered and transported for nearly one day, and it takes three days to go far. Therefore, it usually takes a week’s workday, and if it takes a long time, it will not be worthwhile.

Third, use:

Uses: LED and fluorescent panel for home theater, hotel, double-sided matte diffuser bar dance floor special effects, KTV box, concert hall, multi-function studio, cinema, office, indoor gymnasium, library, exhibition hall, classroom, training In the middle, interrogation room and other occasions.

This is the introduction of the Polycarbonate Diffuser Sheet. In the process of use, the effective guarantee method can improve the performance of the product, and the maintenance during the use process can prolong the service life of the product. These are the conditions that reflect the value of the product, so everyone Special attention must be paid. If you want to buy high quality plates, you can come to Foshan Songxia Building Materials Co., Ltd., specializing in the production of PC sun panels, endurance panels, lighting panels, PC tiles and other products. The products are exported to Europe, America, North Africa, the Middle East and other dozens. Countries and regions have become advanced enterprises in the industry that are highly praised by domestic customers.