Types of Polycarbonate: Guide to choosing the perfect material for your needs


Polycarbonate has become one of the most widely used and valued materials in various industries due to its strength, durability, and versatility. However, to take full advantage of the many benefits of polycarbonate, it is crucial to know the different types available on the market and their specific characteristics.

Polycarbonate sheets are characterized by their resistance to impact and weathering and have exceptional transparency and insulating properties that allow the creation of safer, more efficient, and aesthetically appealing structures. In addition, polycarbonate is lightweight, making it easier to handle and install.

However, to take full advantage of the qualities of polycarbonate, it is crucial to know the different types available on the market, their characteristics, and recommended uses.

Learn about the most recognized types of polycarbonate sheets!


Solid Polycarbonate Sheet


Solid polycarbonate is made of high-quality resin and is characterized by an impact resistance 250 times that of a glass of comparable thickness, making it virtually unbreakable. In addition, these types of sheets are transparent like glass, can transmit about 90% of sunlight, and simultaneously block harmful UV rays.

In terms of aesthetics, solid polycarbonate sheets are available with an embossed textured pattern that resembles frosted glass, making them visually appealing and ideal for indoor and outdoor applications. In addition, these sheets are lightweight and easy to store, transport, and cut/drill.


Benefits of Solid Polycarbonate Sheet


  • Excellent clarity and light transmission
  • High degree of impact resistance
  • Heat resistance
  • UV protection
  • Easy to install, handle, machine and thermoform.
  • Environmentally friendly.


Recommendations for use


The characteristics of solid polycarbonate sheets make them ideal for use in greenhouse roofs, terraces, skylights, security windows, room dividers, and signage panels where superior protection against impacts and adverse weather conditions is required.


Hollow Polycarbonate Sheet


The Hollow Polycarbonate Sheet is made of high-performance engineering plastic polycarbonate with excellent all-around performance, energy savings, and environmental friendliness. This type of polycarbonate has a honeycomb cell structure, making it lightweight and robust, with light transmitting capacity, high impact resistance, and thermal and acoustic insulating properties.


Benefits of Hollow Polycarbonate Sheet


  • High impact and weather resistance.
  • Light transmission capacity.
  • Thermal and acoustic insulating properties.
  • Easy to cut and shape according to project needs.
  • Corrosion resistance.
  • Excellent impact resistance.


Recommendations for use


This sheet type is widely recommended for greenhouse roofs, skylights, pool decks, canopies, and curtain walls because they require a combination of strength, insulation, and light transmission. Other common uses include greenhouse roofs, skylights, pool decks, and curtain walls.


Embossed Polycarbonate Sheet


Embossed Polycarbonate Sheet is an embossed material with a textured or embossed surface in different patterns, such as lines or grids, which allows for greater visual comfort, a sound diffusion of soft and pleasant light, and reduces glare. In addition, this type of polycarbonate has a high resistance to impact and weathering that prolongs its durability.


Benefits of Embossed Polycarbonate Sheet


  • Easy installation in a variety of areas.
  • Does not suffer high expansion
  • High chemical and mechanical resistance
  • Resistant to impacts.
  • Homogeneous light transmission capacity.


Recommendations for use


This type of polycarbonate sheet is typically used in applications where sound light diffusion is required, such as lampshades, light fixtures, decorative panels, and partitions. It is also suitable for scenarios where an attractive aesthetic appearance is required, such as sheet metal roofing, panels for industrial buildings, fiber cement roofing, shopping malls, and sports centers.


Frosted polycarbonate sheet


Frosted polycarbonate is a sheet with a frosted or translucent surface, making it opaque and allowing diffuse light transmission. Thus, it can provide privacy while reducing glare. Some of the characteristics of this polycarbonate are that it is lightweight, impact-resistant, and easy to clean.


Benefits of Frosted polycarbonate sheet


  • Extremely lightweight, easy to handle and easy to install.
  • High impact resistance.
  • UV coating layer
  • Fire resistant. Self-extinguishing.
  • Lightweight, environmentally friendly, and unbreakable.
  • Shape stability.


Recommendations for use


Polycarbonate sheets are widely used in lighting as the primary contributor to creating a misty, elegant, and romantic atmosphere. It is therefore recommended for use in modern property in shower enclosures, sanitary ware, advertising panels, skylights, and architectural cladding.

Typically, this type of sheeting is implemented in architectural projects, commercial and retail structures, industrial glazing, privacy glazing, covered walkways, manufactured translucent service stations, entrances, pool decks, and residential pergolas.


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